The main curriculum used at FHCS is from ACE or School of Tomorrow. We also offer instruction in Art, Physical Education, and Music. Chapel Services are held once every week.

FHCS recognizes the King James Version as the translation normally used in the Learning Center for study, quotation, and memorization.

Each student will be involved in Bible memorization each month. 


Freedom Hill Christian School is a Christ-centered, quality educational institution. The staff and faculty are dedicated to assisting parents and local churches in educating their children in truth and righteousness and preparing them academically to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world. Our desire is that our students will commit their lives to Jesus Christ in whatever vocation God leads them.

Standardized Testing

Students in 5th, 7th, and 9th grades will be tested yearly with a national achievement test. Test results will be sent home when they are received.

Promotion/ Retention Policy

Kindergarten and First Grade: The teacher’s evaluation and recommendation will be given high priority in determining student retention.

2nd grade through 8th grade: Students who fail their test will be expected to retake the entire PACE and be tested again. They will not continue on with the next PACE until they have passed the current test. Twelve PACEs are required to pass a grade level.

High School: Students will only receive credit when the entire subject has been completed and passed. Failure to pass or complete a Pace test will result in a lack of credit given.

If a student in the learning center desires to graduate early, their intention must be made known by the end of the second report period. The intent must be in writing and signed by student, parents, and learning center supervisor, with a copy given to the administrator.

Any student graduating must have school work finished two days prior to graduation date.

Graduation requirements

A prescribed course of study will be determined through a conference between the staff, parents, and student. The graduation requirements are in accordance with state policies as well as FHCS.